Commercial Law

Notwithstanding international borders and different legal systems, we are able to assist clients with support and expertise in a large range of business and financial matters.

Whether working within the German jurisdiction or the global context, we have developed specialised services to provide support for companies and organisations with their international business and transactions, especially in the field of contract law and contract management.

Stuart Bugg is a specialist in contract law and as numerous years of expertise in assisting German and international companies develop contracts for their domestic and international needs


Commercial contracts play a very important role in all business transactions. If a company or organisation is to be successful in its domestic and international dealings it has to develop a robust set of contractual templates. Many small and middle size companies also have to take into account the costs related to obtaining legal support in their work. Augustin & Bugg is well aware of these considerations and it is able to offer an extensive range of out-of-house services and products to assist small and medium-size companies in developing international contracts tailor made to their particular needs. Any inquiries in this direction should be addressed to Stuart Bugg .

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